The Truth About Staying Woke…

So here we are. Back again to discuss what it’s like to be Black, African American, and a person of color. Now don’t get me wrong, I love being black. I love my skin, the skin of my wife and kids, their hair and everything that comes with being black. I love our culture and the way we have such an influence on what society does artistically. So the question is, “Jason, if you could change anything about your life as a black person, what would it be?” Honestly?? I’m not sure if anyone wants me to answer this question, but just for the sake of being a writer I will say this:  I personally would change the innate fear that all black people have. We fear that we will always be mistreated in this world. That we will always be slaves the eyes of whites (F&%K you JERRY JONES!). That we will always have to explain to our sons and daughters how to make it in a “white-washed” world or how not to be assaulted or killed by the police for no reason.

Yeah, that’s real. And most likely you can ask almost any black person you know. That’s what it’s been like ever since the Atlantic slave trade. A mentality that has plagued our race and culture for over 400 years. It’s the whole Staying “Woke” movement. Staying “Woke” means to just be aware of what the truth about the day and age is. Always being aware so that we don’t go back to becoming enslaved again. And I mean that both literally and figuratively.

You see the thing about being black is that I always (AND I DO MEAN ALWAYS) have to be concerned with social injustice. It doesn’t matter how far we’ve come or how much money we make. What parties or country clubs we get invited to join. Black people have always been the butt of the joke in every room (ask Jourdan Rodrigue). Take what’s going on in the world today. Recently an @ESPN analyst Jemele Hill was suspended for giving her opinion on a situation involving flag protests and mandates by an NFL owner to stand during the national anthem.  She also two weeks before said that Donald Trump, the president, is a racist and white supremacist (something EVERYBODY knows). ESPN first warned Ms. Hill about her remarks calling them inappropriate, and just yesterday suspending her for calling out the social injustice of the NFL and it’s owners. So there’s two sides to this right? First side she works for the ESPN and she has an obligation to that company. We all know that companies that are in the public eye are not as keen on free speech as one would think. So she needed to be a bit more aware, the same way she said Cam Newton should’ve been (but that’s another story for another day). On the other hand, this was her personal twitter account and she should be able to express her own personal thoughts the way the president of this country does. (Hmmm) So isn’t it a bit of hypocrisy to say that she has to face retribution and the leader of the free world does not?  That’s why we have to stay “Woke”. Because we have to be aware of issues that the average white person will never be concerned about.  We have to worry about the president, who’s supposed to be looking out for our best interests as people of color as well. I mean but the truth is, chances are we probably only had a handful of people who held the office of President who weren’t racist. Maybe about 3. That’s the truth. Even the white folks that love black people and that aren’t racist don’t have to worry about the amount of issues and problems we have. Like I said it doesn’t matter what circles I run with.

I’m always gonna be Black. Till the day I die and even then some white person will refer to me as a “dead nigger”. That’s just how my life is gonna go. That’s how my son’s life will be as well. And it’s sad.  Sad that I have to spend my days seeing white people call me or someone that looks like me out of their name. While they stay unaware of the issues the black community has to deal with. Of course there are some who might find empathy in the plight of blacks, but you’ll never know for sure. You’ll never walk 10 minutes in our shoes.

And here’s something you might not know. The truth about staying aware or “Woke” , is that it’s EXHAUSTING!!!!  It makes us so tired. We try and try and try not to think about racism. We try to believe that every one is truly free. Or that there’s someone out there to speak on our behalf. But honestly, you just won’t let it die. Places and events like Charlottesville, VA won’t let it happen. Do you honestly think I wanna spend all my days being angry and thinking about this?  Days where I worry about my son being shot because he was at the park pretending to serve and protect with his toy gun. He will emulate not only a black man who serves the public, but whites as well. But he’ll be called a thug on national TV. They’ll dig into his history, and say that he got suspended from school for smoking weed or getting into a fight.  Or a spoiled millionaire who gets paid for playing a game. Or even worse. An ungrateful nigger who expresses his first amendment right to peacefully protest and kneel during the national anthem. They’ll say he’s disrespecting the flag (an inanimate object) when his grandfather fought in the Vietnam War for his rights and whites rights for freedom. When his uncle and cousins fought in the Gulf or Iraq or even Afghanistan to insure that he, as an American, who just so happens to be Black, can live without the fears his father currently lives with.

Yeah…the $hIT is definitely EXHAUSTING. We are so tired of it. We just wanna be free. That’s all we ask. Think about it.

More to come….


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