I Don’t Think You’re Racist…

I guess what they say is true…you know, that a good writer never gets a vacation…well…Maybe, I’m the only one that says that, or could be that I just made it up for the sake of this blog…

Truth of the matter is, every time I attempt to or have a reason to take a hiatus from blogging, I find myself getting right back to it, because of the silly things that happen in this world. Not silly things I do believe it or not, it’s silly things others do. Or the world. Or let me just come out and say it…possibly WHITE FOLKS…Now don’t get me wrong, black people do silly things all the time, and I don’t want to completely put it on one group or another. But let’s just be honest for a second…Some white folks, just, for all intensive purposes…just take it a little far…

So anyway…

This evening, while watching one of my favorite shows, HTGAWM (How To Get Away With Murder), I heard the rich white guy Asher, talking to some ladies and he accidentally touches one young lady’s behind who he mistook as his girlfriend. When the black girl called him racist, he did what most people of the Caucasian race try to do when accused of such of thing. Try to prove how many black people he actually knows. Now when his black friend actually does appear (recently murdered), Wes something that I found profound. Asher says, “you know I’m not racist right?” Wes immediately says, “You’re not racist. I just think you’re white.” LOL!!!

I’m sorry I had to start out that way because that was one of the truest statements I’ve ever heard. I will say that it is certainly true that black people and other races don’t necessarily see all white people as racist. We don’t actually think white folks are all bad, not one bit. However, I will say this though, even with that being said, white folks still tend to have a way about them that at times makes us wonder if they can be trusted. One that makes them seem oblivious to things of the black culture. Not all of them understand the way we speak, look, dress, walk, etc. They don’t understand the reasons why we tend to get angry at them.

Let’s put it this way: Two people witness a store robbery. When asked to describe what the assailant looks like, in most cases (not all), the one that was black will describe what the person looked like as far as their hair, clothes, etc. When the other person who just so happens to be white describes the same thing, the first thing that they describe is generally the color of someone’s skin. And generally speaking, these are the same people that will say that they don’t actually see color. Hmmm. You saw it that time though. You don’t see color and yet somehow, someway, a miracle happened when you witnessed that robbery. The Lord gave you back you sight of color, for such a moment as this. Hallelujah, prayer really works!!!

Funny, huh…I think so…

I say all that to say, that there’s actually nothing wrong with seeing color, or colors. That actually means something is right about us. It means we see God’s variety and hues that He chose for all of us. It shows that there are in fact differences in people of this world. And that’s a good thing. It becomes a not so good thing when people choose to not allow something because of the color of their skin. Or because they represent a certain ethnicity. I think, but am not to certain, that’s what happened in the time of slavery, separate but equal, and Jim crow right? Then there’s a thing about white people to where the things that happen to black people just don’t seem as though they are on the same radar. When black people generally see a crime, we see the crime and how harsh it is…even and especially when they are black. We are probably more harsh on ourselves then we are on anyone else. But we see it all. We see the fact that white people commit crime and so do black people. But the point is that we actually pay attention to it all. We see what they do and we dislike all of it.
White folks seem to have this inherent FOX NEWS point of view. A few weeks ago, we saw many women and men March for the Women’s March, an incredibly noble cause to which everyone should have participated. The interesting thing is, when something like that happens and it involves black women, where are all those same groups. Where are they then to help the cause? Just asking. Where were those same marchers when it came to Trayvon (Martin)? I mean I get it if you’re weren’t gonna March for Michael Brown (Ferguson). We’re not even sure if he was a criminal. You March for gay rights (LGBT), as you should, but when it comes to movements such as #BLACKLIVESMATTER, where black lives and children are being taken by the police, so many make excuses. Yes there are some that will stand for the injustice, but where’s the support for real? Many got mad when a black president who just so happens to be half-white said that it was upsetting when a white kid walked into a church and shot 9 people who were minding their own business. Dylan roof wasn’t sorry for what happened, and yet there were those that felt he deserved mercy. Com’on now. I might be Christian and believe in mercy but not for someone who is without remorse. But I digress.

My point is that: IF you don’t wanna be deemed as racist, then stop being racist. Stop being biased, and judgmental. And yes, when people speak about racism they do mean white people. Would you like to know why? Because whites historically have hurt many cultures and affected every race because of its own fear. They never asked to share. They always took. Took from Native Americans…still taking for Native Americans (yeah, I said it). Took from Asians, took from Middle Eastern people…South Americans. Oh yeah, and took from….you guessed it…Africa.

Like I said before on many other occasions, of course I’m not speaking on everyone, but if you’re offended by what I’m saying, then I’m probably talking about you. Yes, you’re absolutely right…racism is offensive. To be called a racist is bad, I agree…but when you ignore that it exists and the effect it profoundly has on the world and its cultures, then you sir/madam are in fact just that. A racist. And most of you are just oblivious to the trials that other cultures have had, which makes you (a.) Privileged, and (b.) Most likely white (sorry not sorry).

I would like to take the time to enlighten people on some quotes that people of color find inherently racist:

1. I don’t see color
2. My black friend…whom I speak to all the time and love…
3. You’re different from what I’m used to…(that’s my favorite)…
4. I just had a few bad experiences with black people…
5. Did you play basketball (Now although that’s not quite racist, every tall black man doesn’t play ball…)
6. I love hip hop…I used to listen to NWA and Tupac all the time…
7. If I could have, I would’ve voted Obama for a third term (yeah, me too…)
8. I thought Denzel Washington was incredible in Training Day!! (Really??? Have you seen Malcom X)

Those are just a few…I’m pretty sure they will be more to come…


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