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The Trump Card!!!


Uh oh… it’s that time again. Time to get out to the polls and vote. So, what are the choices…we have a woman who at one time called people that look like me “super-predators” , and a man who for all intensive purposes is the village idiot. Well, that makes it tough because I truly don’t believe either candidate is a better representative of our country than the president that currently resides in office. Now don’t get me wrong, I know he has to go, but he’s just really cool and that be something to see him lead us into another 8 years. I’m sure though, he probably feels like he’s done. I’m sure his family does too.

Anyhow, back to the election of 2016. Now I normally don’t really insert myself in politics, but the way things have been going, the older I get the more I want my children to be taken care of. And that means I have to know at least some of what’s going on too. We the people, right? Well I’ll say this right from the beginning I ain’t voting for Trump. I am… Voting for Hillary Clinton…

While I’m not crazy about either candidate, I will tell you why she’s better for me. And honestly most of my reasons are about the Donald more so than about Sen Clinton.

So let’s just start with him… The Donald. The hair. That guy! That mouth! Yeah. Him.

Donald Trump has become, for all intensive purposes one of the most polarizing figures we’ve ever seen in an election year. Or history for that matter. He’s brash and more than outspoken at the best of times. He has no problem saying what is on his mind regardless of the time or place. The problem with that is, he could also care less about whether or not his points make sense. He tends to talk about how much he likes this or likes that. But when asked about the actual issues of the world, all he says is that he will negotiate his way out of debt. Never how or where he’s going to get the resources to implement his policies. I guess he thinks he’s gonna get around the country’s debt the same way he got out of losing a billion dollars back in the mid 90’s. This presidential candidate is all about saying the first thing that pops into his mind. He talks about poor people, people from other countries, and even touches on the subject of a person’s looks and weight. I guess anything to not talk about the real issues. When asked about social reform in terms of police relations with blacks, he said something extremely profound. He said, that we should bring back “stop and frisk” to Chicago because it worked so well in New York. Now here’s the thing. I’m not saying stop and frisk wasn’t necessary or that it didn’t reduce part of the crime rate, the truth about that law is that it targeted a certain group of people in certain neighborhoods. Okay…its about stopping black people. It’s racial profiling at best. And this candidate endorses this.

Let’s see what else. What does he know about foreign policy?

Nothing . Okay = Putin…

What does he know about the economy?

Nothing. Oh, wait…bankruptcy…multiple bankruptcies…Yeah that’s Trump.

What’s he say about keeping America safe?

Nothing…. Dang, my bad. His policy? Build a wall.

His slogan? Let’s make America great Again!!!

Man, it’s tough when you go with that to go against the guy (sarcasm noted Mr. Austin).

But let’s figure out the reason why I just don’t have it in me to vote for him. Hmmm….oh yeah. On the 110, he’s the villain of the story. Not to mention, he’s an idiot and bigot. He’s the family member you extend an invitation to for thanksgiving and pray to God he doesn’t show up because he’s gonna say something stupid and offend someone. And when you’re boy Mitt Romney comes and says he is the worst, that’s saying something serious. He can’t actually be…taken seriously, can he?

Here’s some truth for all those people who tend to vote Republican aka some white folks….

He’s racist! And if you vote for someone who’s so openly racist, I’ll just go this far and say this. Chances are you are either just blind as a bat, or pretty racist yourself. The pastors that are endorsing this guy aren’t really hip to the game. This man doesn’t love Jesus…the only thing he knows about God, he found out on the back of money.   Let’s keep real. He hates Muslims and uses the black people around him for entertainment. Just ask Omorosa.

You might think of this as a rant, but the truth be told, this is more than that. This man, doesn’t have the business savvy, the personal tact, the political experience, nor has he done anything for anyone in this country (wait, except for the people who won the Apprentice), but himself. These aren’t opinions, these are facts. He is the first one to talk about our current president, and his wife copied the first ladies speech. His wife is not even from this country. He can’t even speak about making America great, because he ships his jobs out to other countries, and he gets his wives from them too. Okay, maybe that was a little harsh, because you can Love whomever you choose. The point is this. He knows nothing about making a country great that he doesn’t love himself.  And the worst part about it all is that if we don’t get out there, f we choose not to vote, this guy will be the next president of the United States. In 6 weeks, it all goes down. And truth be told, I’m not saying Hillary is the end all be all, but I can tell you this.

She’s a better fit, more experienced, knows foreign policy, her husband balanced the budget to a surplus (Bill Clinton we love you), and she’s actually held public office as a Senator of New York. It’s not about the lessor of two evils, it’s about voting for who’s best for the country. And Hillary is just that. She will get us there, or at the very least, continue what our fantastic President Obama has started in truly helping America to be a respectable country again. There’s no choice here. I’m with Hillary.

More to come…