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American Horror Story: Blood Lust

Exodus 20:13  You shall not MURDER

  1. We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men were created equal…(from the Declaration of Independence)
  2. “Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate Valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.” (From the “I Have a Dream” speech.
  3. “On this day we gather because we have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord. On this day, we proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn-out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics.” (From the presidential inauguration address of 2009)

The past couple of days…(moment of silence)

The senseless deaths of Americans. Black and white. A country divided by race and prejudice. Hate and violence against one another. In all honesty it’s just exhausting to watch the news. I’ve seen videos of people speaking in the past few days about the killings in Baton Rogue and in Minnesota. I’ve seen tears shed by grown men. I’ve heard mothers and fathers having to tell their children, “it’s not all police officers. They don’t all hate you because of your skin.” Then last night happens in Dallas. Police officers killed and the part of the country that wouldn’t mourn for the men killed the two days before are now mourns because something new happened that hit a little closer to home. It’s the pendulum swinging from left to right. It’s the what goes around, comes around type of scenario. Like I said, it’s pretty exhausting. There was a story I saw this morning about a man found hanging from a tree. He was black. The KKK may have been involved as they were spotted the night before.  It’s beginning to look a lot like chaos. Pure calamity.

Can you believe that more than 50 years after the civil rights act of 1964 was signed, we’re still hanging people. More than 60 years after the Brown v the Board of Education ruled segregation unconstitutional, we’re probably more segregated than ever.  And almost 8 years since we swore in our first black President, racism seems worse than ever. People are still going into churches, clubs, and movie theaters to kill one another. There’s still black on black crime that barely gets addressed. Police are still abusing their authority.  Guns are still a major problem. Whites hating other races. And it’s spread because racism is not just about white / black anymore. There also remains the gentrification of the poor people to give the appearance of how beautiful this country is.

Listen, We might be the “land of free” and “home of the brave”. But we’re also the land of the largest prison population in the world. Land to the most unreported and unprecedented sexual crimes in the world.  Children living on the streets and religions being discriminated against. That’s us…that’s who we are. People talk about making America great again in this election year, but the question is really how great has America ever been?  Don’t get me wrong, we have freedoms here that no one else has. We can wear our Beat Headphones on the train without worry.  We can generally drive to the store and watch our reality TV without a problem. But in the end, how great have we been? We’ve committed more crimes against humanity than anyone as a whole. We’ve treated people who were born in this country as second class citizens just because they don’t have the same skin color, religion or sexual preference.  We’ve prioritized hate in a way that makes us look silly to our international counterparts. That’s the big bad great United States of America. That’s us right?

While I didn’t intend to come across all ” we are the world”, I do wanna state that we still have a chance. We can still get this thing right. We can still achieve a peace within ourselves and for this nation. Any person worth their weight in salt, can say that being a good person will make the difference. But the truth is that it’s going to require more than just being a good person.  We have to stop this. This Lust for the Blood of our own. It’s civil war. We’re at the point where we can’t even go a few hours without there having to be blood on someone’s hands. .

Whites are afraid of blacks in general.  Blacks are afraid of white police officers. Everybody is afraid of Muslims, and it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. So what do we do?  What do I tell my son the first time he says the pledge of allegiance and asks me what it means. Or when he hears about a man being shot in front of a child because the officer was “in fear for his life” ?  Or when someone calls him a “nigger” because they heard their parent say it and thought it was okay.  It’s enough to make me cry. Over and over again. It makes me feel like there’s no hope except to stay in the house and hope that there’s not going to be a yearly Purge instituted.  Because that’s where we are leading up to.

The thing about war is that when you have an enemy, the easiest way to not lose numbers of your own is to have your enemy tear itself up from the inside out. That’s what America does each and every day. That’s what will become our fatal flaw. It’s time we got it together. I’m tired of blacks making excuses for why we commit stupid crimes. I’m tired of whites making excuses for why they shot a kid with a toy gun. I’m tired of juries making excuses for a man that followed a kid walking through a neighborhood with a hoodie on just because of he wanted to be some type of vigilante figure. I’m tired of people hating a whole religion because of a few demented and radical individuals that don’t have anything better to do than create bombs and incite fear.  It just honestly gets old.

With that said, the floor is open for suggestions. The time is now to let go of this “need” for people to be hurt or to die, while we claim we’re just minding our business. We need to treat each other like the family we really are. After all, we do essentially live in the same country, together.  I hate to be the one to say this, well actually I don’t… but maybe it is in fact time for prayer. Maybe it’s time to find some peace in someone, something other than ourselves.  I never seen anyone killed when all in the room were on the knees with their eyes closed of one Accord. You may not be religious, and you may not believe. But one thing that is evident is that we need something…we need to be saved…apparently from ourselves.

More to come…


Is Love Really Love?


Okay, so before I start this post, I’d like to say that I’ve grown a bit tired.  Tired of hurting over all of this.  Tired of talking about racism.  Tired of worrying for my son and daughter for the years they will spend without me on this earth.  And even in the moments that I am here, that I can’t be in their presence.  I mean the truth of the matter is, I already have to worry about drunk drivers on the road in the days and night.  Not only that, but I have to worry about people that would mistreat them in their schools.  I have to worry about child abusers, molesters, and rapists.  People who will judge them for their beliefs, and practices of life.  And to top it all off, after almost 450 years, I STILL have to worry about RACISM.  I mean I am ACTUALLY, GENUINELY concerned about RACISM.  For someone who tries very hard to not say negative things, That is bulls#$#%!!!  Yeah…I said it.  It really is.  That’s really just the tip of the iceberg on what I wanted to say.  So I guess now, we can get to the blog already in progress.


I’ll just say that.  One of the latest and greatest in the world of police violence.  I guess that seems a little broad, so I’ll try to break it down a bit more.  The latest person to be killed (I would say murdered, but I guess that’s for a grand jury to decide…RIGHT!) at the hands of police officers who just so happen to be white.  I speak of the color of their skin, because the man killed on their shift was black.  Why does that matter?  Normally, I’d say it doesn’t.  Today it does though.  It matters, because of the way he was killed.  It matters because it’s another killing that didn’t have to occur.  It’s the police.  The people that are sworn to serve and protect.  Now in past blogs, I’ve been pretty critical of black people and their actions that lead up to these killings, so let me just take a moment to be critical of Alton Sterling for a moment:

First and foremost Mr. Sterling, why in the world were you out at midnight, selling CDs, at a corner store…WITH A GUN?  That’s a problem for me.  If you felt the need to carry a gun while you were out after midnight, with your children at home, it’s possible that you should not have been there.  You should have been home with your family.  You should have been a responsible black man and not a statistic, like they believe all or most of us to be.  Com’on man!! For real.  Take your Black @ss back home and work during normal business hours so you can get home safe to those babies that love you so much!!    To the family of Mr. Sterling, I apologize if that sounded harsh, but I wanted to make sure that Alton Sterling gets his proper due in this as well.  We as African Americans have a tendency to not look at the situations as a whole, because of how racism feels.  But that’s all I’m gonna say about Alton Sterling from that point of view.

Now everyone else, it’s your turn.  Not just white folks, but to the world of people out there that still believe that we’ve made strides in racism.

Here’s the thing:  Racism is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING DEAD!!  More people are seeming to die daily at the hands of racism than ever before.   At the hands of racist cops at that!  The problem I have with racism isn’t that it exists, so much as it is that people turn a blind eye to it.  They say that the greatest achievement of the devil was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.  Because the truth of the matter is that he, the devil, is alive and well, and he works through the world and the media daily, to say that things like racism does not exist.  This is crazy, why am I even writing about this at this point?

Let me take a second to get to the real problem though.  Big Businesses and mainstream media.  We all know how the media portrays these situations.  They play it over and over again on CNN, MSNBC, or whatever news outlets you can find.  It’s on TV, every hour, on the hour, saying WARNING:  THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS DISTURBING/GRAPHIC CONTENT.  VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.  Then we get to watch in absolute horror a video that shows us nothing except a black man or woman being accosted by police officers.  Or a police car driving up aggressively on a 10 year old kid playing with a toy gun killing him within seconds of the stop.  The mainstream media has it’s way of causing immediate outrage, but never checking back in after the first two days to report that justice has been served.  I can remember last year when that kid went into the church in Charleston, SC to kill those 9 people.  They made such a big deal out of this white kid, who went into a church where people were minding their business and welcomed him to kill all of those people.  Then days later, the ONLY reason the church got anymore coverage was because The President of the United States was on TV giving a eulogy singing “Amazing Grace”.  I mean, let’s keep it 110 here.  That’s the reason.

Then low and behold a club gets shot up in Orlando…It just so happens to be a “Gay” Club.


When this club got shot up, you had all kinds LGBTQ groups immobilized and the media and business all over the world were absolutely outraged.  “How could someone go into a club and shoot it up?  This is ABSOLUTELY the WORST form of HATE ever”, they procclaimed.  HATE CRIMES disgust people.  But somehow not as much when they involve black people. Again, Yeah, I said it!!  There were funds created called ONE ORLANDO to stop acts of violence against gays in the city of Orlando.  Businesses all over the country have given to this cause as if that’s the only cause out there.  This might sound insensitive to the lives lost on that evening, but that is definitely not the first club to be shot up by a person, and it certainly won’t be the last.  Is it so terrible because the people in the club were homosexual?  Not sure.  That’s not the point though.  The question I pose is this:  Where were the LGBTQ, and the media, and big business when that church got shot up.  Where were the funds for those 9 families?  Where were the funds raised by businesses in this country for the city and people of FLINT when they didn’t even have clean water to drink?  Where were they?  #BlackLivesMatter?  Oh I’m sorry, ALL LIVES MATTER RIGHT?  Love is LOVE, right?  Love can’t be Love, because there is no Love shown to poor people, or Black People or urban areas, in these moments.  If Alton Sterling had been a gay man, at the corner store, people would have said, he was wrongly accused, and that he was just trying to make money to feed his family, when police assaulted him.  But instead, we will look into his past and make him out to be a thug, because he carried a gun.  Now where are the second Amendment proponents out there?  After all, he had the right to bear arms…But that same right got him shot a few nights ago…HMMM…

This is the point…If LOVE Is LOVE, and ALL LIVES MATTER, it has to be that way across the board.  Not when corporations or the media choose them to matter.  It’s annoying.  It’s sickening.  It’s down right wrong altogether.  I want all the people that changed their Facebook page and prayed for Orlando and Paris, to do the same for the people in clubs, at corner stores, or wherever there are people that lose their lives daily.  For the Black Lives that get lost on a daily basis due to police violence because IT DOES EXIST.  White folks, gay folks, everybody, Stand up for the black lives too.  If it was your family member, you’d want to be represented fairly.  I rarely see my white friends stand up for #BlackLivesMatter.  Is it because the word black is in front of it?  Does that mean it’s none of your business?   Just saying.  If your white child, was hanging out with my black child in that moment, would it matter then?  Think about it….If this sounds like I’m angry, it’s because I am.  The question is…Why aren’t you?

More to come…


Breaking NEWS:  Another Black Man gets shot!!! This time in his car with his girlfriend and child.  From what I understand about the story, he was ACTUALLY a law abiding citizen (Must be hard to believe), who informed the police officer that He had a concealed weapon and had a permit to do so.  I wonder if that would have happened to a card carrying member of the NRA.  Even watching this video he seemed SOOOO Threatening…

When is this gonna stop?  When will the Powers that Be, and the people who come out to get speed bumps and street lights placed on their block, stand up for these innocent people being terrorized by the police.  This is getting to the point where it’s not just an isolated incident.  I understand that YOU may have had some bad experiences with people of COLOR in your life, but truth be told, haven’t you had some similarly bad things happen to you at the hands of white people too?  It doesn’t make you scared of white folks in general.  Does it?  It doesn’t make you clutch your purse at the sight of a white man in a bar or ATM.  And it doesn’t make those of you that are police officers shoot White Men IN THEIR CARS, WITH THEIR CHILDREN.  What the #$** was that Officer thinking?  He shot 4 times.  He could have injured the other two passengers in the car.  What in the world people?  What’s the solution for all this?