RACISM and why White Folks Can’t Catch a Break


So I have to warn you.  This might seem a little long, but there is actually a method to the madness if you continue to read…

The last couple of months have definitely been some for the books. The history books I mean.  And to be honest it’s been so much to process and think about. From the decisions of the Ferguson and Staten Island grand juries, coming with a finding to not indict police officers for their blatant abuse of power. Like I said, being a black man in America has absolutely been tough the last couple of months. It’s also brought about the question of whether or not America really cares about me at all.  It appears they certainly care about the color of my skin.  They base a lot of what I’m capable of according to the color of my skin.  And it just (for some reason or another) doesn’t feel right.  With all that said though, Does America, actually care about my concerns???  That’s mostly why it’s been so tough for me to decide whether or not to actually share my opinion. OK, not really, I have plenty to say I’ve just been trying to figure out how to go about it. The truth be told some of you may agree with what I’m about to say and others well, you may not. But that’s never stopped me before and it won’t stop me now.

So first things first. Okay, white folks. If you’re new to the blog I’ve said this about the Trayvon Martin case, and I’ll say it now. Please stop acting like you’re surprised that racism still exists in the world.  As long as people do bad things, as long as there is evil in the world, racist behaviors will still be relevant to this world.  Especially when you’re black.  It’s not about how many black people went to your school, or how many black people are listed on your contact list.  It’s about the fact that blacks are generally and I do mean generally more discriminated against than any other race in the United States.  Funny that it is that way, when we don’t even really make up more than a quarter of this country.  I’m not saying that blacks are the only people that are victims of racism because that would be pretty short sighted.  However, since I am black, I believe I speak from more of an expert’s point of view for this particular thesis. The next fact I want to share with white people, is that there is actually no such thing as reverse racism. Hate is hate, no matter what color you are.  If a black person doesn’t like you because you’re white, they ARE RACIST.  You can be black or Asian or Hispanic and still be plenty racist contrary to what most might believe.  I know what you’re thinking. Jason, I don’t know if I can believe what you just said. Well, that’s okay with me because it’s still the truth. You’ll just have to trust me on this. And no having a black president does not mean we’ve progressed. It just means that we had a decent voter turnout for the one we wanted. That’s just a sign of democracy.

And now back to my point. These cases from this year have shown us so much about our society and to be honest, it makes us look bad as Americans.  As people who believe we have the best country in the world, we’re not exactly showing the world how well our system works.  I’m 35, and still not sure that I’m actually getting a fair go of things in this country. Not even sure if my children will either at this point. That’s so sad. It’s so so sad. I was gonna talk about Ferguson and I will but I think the NYC situation was worse. It was actually on film. I don’t know where you grew up, but in my life I’ve never seen 1 person “resist ” 8 officers so strongly. Whatever man. It just doesn’t happen. As far as Ferguson is concerned I don’t have all the facts but the fact that the cop resigned doesn’t necessarily look good for the kind story he told either. I’m on the fence about Ferguson. But other issues. Not so much everything else.  Other than that I would say that there are so many conflicting stories, that I guess we’ll never know.

So here we are white people.  2015.  Yet I still have so many questions…  Why do SOME of you not like us?  Are blacks, or other races for that matter still inferior in your minds?  Is it because of the black people who actually do wrong that have left a bad taste in your mouths?  Or could it be that white people in general are inherently racist, or what some would call entitled?  Why are white cops killing kids with toy guns?  Is it fear for their lives, or lack of proper training?  It’s as if there are so many questions that you have to answer.  That should be required that you answer.  It ultimately doesn’t matter to most if you indict a police officer or George Zimmerman (who might I add we were probably right about), or whomever.  The damage has been done.  That’s why I say you can’t catch a break.  I personally don’t think all white folks are evil, or the devil, or whatnot, but unfortunately some do.   DON’T GET ME WRONG NOW:  FOR THE WHITE PEOPLE THAT LOVE EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR, I SAY WE LOVE YOU BACK!!  I will say this though:  Just as some feel that blacks haven’t set enough of a precedent for whites to have that good feeling, NEITHER HAVE WHITES.  We don’t believe that you won’t turn on us.  We don’t believe you’re trustworthy.  Nor do we believe that White POLICE won’t come to arrest and possibly kill us when we’ve done nothing deserving of such an act.  That’s the thing.  Criminals definitely deserve punishment.  But not always death.  And this past year seems to show that it’s a much bigger problem that whites are willing to admit.

The ultimate point of it all is that conversations about race, MUST be had.   Yes, they are not always comfortable, but it’s that way for everybody.  It’s like having that conversation with the spouse about finances.  It sucks, because in those conversations there will be differences of opinion and we may find out what you really think of how I do things, but unfortunately it has to be done.  You have to know that it’s okay to talk about color, and joke about our differences.  It really is.  Most of us like ‘somewhat racist’ humor, as long as it’s actually funny (which most of it is not).  Stop acting as if all blacks are raised by the same person, or that we all are up to no good.  Most of us, follow the law.  Most of us want to be successful, and not bother others.  Most of us, don’t go out killing, or stealing, or looting.  We are, for the most part peaceful.  There have been whites that have helped blacks make it.  That have helped blacks get jobs, and civil rights, and be free from slavery.  To those that are good people, again I say, thank you.  But there’s so much more that can be done.  Just as blacks have to stop committing crimes, white folks must indict their own.  They must “police” the officers that are crooked and corrupt.  It’s the only way that justice can actually be served.  That’s what I like to call a step in the right direction.


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