The New Marriage Killer

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I’m pretty sure those who read the title would like me to get right to it… So here goes.  Marriage is one of the oldest institutions in the world.  It’s been considered to be one of the most sacred and honored traditions for people who are in love.  It’s been since the beginning of time (at least from what we know).  Marriage is wonderful, and about two people sharing their world and their lives together.  Nothing in the world like coming home from a tough day and being there with your spouse, telling them how silly your co-workers can be, and how much you wanna quit that job (it’s great).  However, marriages, these days, are incredibly fragile.  They don’t really last that long. It’s unfortunate, but true.  With all that said, as good as it can be to be married, it’s not without it’s drawbacks.  That’s why people all over have come out in magazines with tips, and suggestions, on how to make a marriage better every day, week, and year.  The reason I’d say people talk about it so much is because being married just doesn’t seem as sacred anymore.  That’s why it seems like it’s so important to preserve.  It’s almost such a hot topic that writers of magazines almost jump  at the shot to create tips or write some type of interesting article giving advice or telling you when you should get married and when it’s over.  That’s also the reason why I would love to one day become a marriage counselor.  I believe that if I could put a small dent in the divorce rate (like .01 % at least), that I will have done something worth meaning.

Anyway…with that said, there are various internet articles, that mention the things that can kill every marriage.  Some of which include:  sex, finances, credit, in-laws, pornography, and selfishness, just to name a few.  But the one thing in this day and age that I believe to be rising towards the top of the list of marriage killers is….(DRUM-ROLL PLEASE)………you guessed it…….the smartphone.  The smartphone…wooooo…the d@#m smartphone as I like to call it. Galaxy 4, 5, Note III, IPhones (all 12 of them), and any type of phone that you can surf the internet on are starting to be the bane of marriage’s long existence.  There are some (like my wife) that would completely disagree, but trust me when I say, Smartphones are killing marriages slowly…very slowly in fact.

Smartphones allow us to venture off into the endless worlds of “everybody else’s business”.  The lives of movie stars, basketball wives, housewives (who have never had a job), and Kardashians.  You can even figure out what the FLOTUS and Oprah are doing for the weekend.   We dive so heavily into our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to find and see the latest funny jokes (#suchandsuch BE LIKE) and pictures that are out there.  We don’t have to even really hear the person’s voice.  All we have to do is comment on this somewhat instantaneous form of communication.  So much so, that we often get caught up and forget that we actually have a real life, and real people next to us that we don’t have to “Like” or “Follow” to find out what they are up to.   I mean there’s almost no such thing as long distance phone calls any more (except for other countries), but the untimely duo of the smartphone and social media have even taken care of that.  So much so that spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends alike are no longer interested in talking to their significant others.  You try to watch a TV show together, and they are too busy tweeting during the show.  Too busy laughing at Instagram and vine videos to notice that the food on the stove is burning.  Too busy to notice the husband/wife’s frustration with your lack of attention.  Or that your kids are getting into things they have no business.  Marriages themselves suffer simply because of the fact that there’s no reason to talk anymore, unless we’re talking or commenting on the Instagram/Facebook posting we saw this morning while at work.  (oops..I think I told on some people).

Plainly put…I’m just saying that we need to pay more attention to our marriages and relationships with the people that are right in front of us, and stop pushing so hard to communicate over the internet.  As useful of tool as it truly is.  That’s all it is.  A tool to connect with those that aren’t there.  But think about this for a second…there’s a reason they aren’t there.  There’s a reason why they aren’t in front of us every day.  There’s also a reason why marriages don’t last the way the did long ago.  It’s because we don’t have to talk anymore.  We don’t have to get over our differences by actually verbalizing them, and communicating.  Pretty soon, social media and the “smart” phone will be replacing sex itself, because someone thinks it’s actually better than sex (GO FIGURE!!).  Unfortunately for some of us, it’s already too late….just saying…

More to come…


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