So You’re Gay…We Get It Already!!!

Michael_Sam_final_Mizzou_home_gameIn writing this blog I’ve learned a few things, mostly about myself…1.) I’m reaaaally opinionated, and 2.) Not everybody will agree with the opinions that I have (not sure why, because I’m right most of the time).

With that said, over the past few years there has been an outcry for tolerance on the many social and civil issues of this country.  One of the hot topics being the coming out of celebrities and athletes of the proverbial “closet ” so to speak. Now I will preface this statement by saying that there’s nothing wrong with being gay.   That’s how I feel, that’s what I believe, it’s just me and what I think.  I do believe what the Bible says, about sexual immortality, but that applies to people straight and gay alike, but that’s not what we’re talking about today.  Today we’re talking about the apparent need to let everybody know that you’re gay.  The world apparently needs to know when some athlete is gay now.  The world needs to know when a singer is gay now.  The world apparently needs to know that gay people are here to stay.  To it all I say:  Fantastic. Great. You’re gay, I’m not. Who actually cares.  Yes, there is a lot of ignorance out there, but that will always be.  Homosexuality is becoming generally more accepted in most communities, families and homes.  Some would say that the level of tolerance is rising in the world.  Yeah, I guess, but I would say that  accepting someone’s sexual preference should be more about a love thing, and more importantly, minding one’s own business.

Here’s a story that no one’s ever heard about:  Michael Sam (not to single Mr. Sam out, but he’s just the most recent example so I’m picking on him).  In case you don’t know, Michael Sam, is a football player from the University of Missouri who last year came out to his team as a gay athlete.  He was accepted and loved by his teammates.  End of story right?  Wrong.  His next step after the college football season was to come out before the NFL combine to say that he was gay becoming the first possible and now professional “openly gay” football player to be drafted in the NFL.  It was pretty significant.  The courage he personified in a moment of adversity.  Now while it was courageous to do so, it doesn’t mean that it was necessary. Again this is all strictly how I see it.  I’m sure there are plenty of people in the NFL that are gay. Even though they haven’t come out publicly and said it, maybe some of their teammates know about it. Either way who cares. He had to know by doing do there, the media would be all over it. Especially in today’s society of over-hyped stories, he knew this would gain so much attention.  He also had to know that because of the of the ignorance of the world that it would most likely kill his draft stock. And it did. He was projected as a fourth or fifth round pick and he ended up being picked up near the end of the draft with slim chances to even make the team.  Now I believe he can play personally so him being gay doesn’t really matter, or does it?  To me, no, but to others, maybe it does.  Sam had a press conference (which no, and I do mean no 7th round pick ever has) saying this is “all about football”.  Seemingly acting as if the media attention didn’t matter.   One has to ask if he did this just for the publicity.  One could even go a step further after finding out that he was scheduled to have a reality show on Oprah’s TV network.  Coincidence…oh I’m not so sure anymore.  (UPDATE:  After the public outcry that Michael Sam might be CAPITALIZING on his new found stardom, the OWN network has since “postponed” the reality show)

I’m just saying that it’s not about who’s gay and who’s not, because a lot of us, friends and family probably already know before that person even says anything.  It just seems as though lately it has been forced down the throats of everyone with a TV set. Every TV show out there now makes sure they have a member of LGBT represented for fear of a lawsuit or protest.  Let me ask this same question.  Where is this line of thinking for those of African American descent.  Are we represented on every show.  What about those that are Christian or Muslim or Jewish, or Indian?  They don’t have much representation on the larger networks either (Guess the stories of those groups aren’t interesting enough).  That’s what I mean by who cares.  We get that you’re gay and if we are cool, it never made a difference in what you did in your personal time.  Just like it shouldn’t matter what religion you are.  But we have an issue with that, don’t we?  We don’t want Christians out there anymore do we?  We don’t want prayer in schools, or Bibles in hotels.  We call people of religion stupid and say that they believe in fairy tales.   People want equal rights, but don’t treat people of different backgrounds equally.  That’s where the problem lies.  It’s in the fact that we only want equality if it serves our own purposes…Just sayin’… It’s all about tolerance, right?  I guess I’m not so sure anymore.

More to come…



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