Every Man will Pay for Sex…Including Me

Let me preface what I’m about to say first and foremost with the fact that I am a married man.  I believe I’m a good man and such, and don’t consider myself to be like most other men.  I mean, I look at myself as truly unique.  Or some would say special in my own way.  With that said, there are in fact a few things that make me like any other man.  One in particular my love and extreme infatuation with sex.  Of physical intimacy with a woman.  Sorry, it just is what it is.  I’m all about telling the truth on this blog.  And while that makes me like everyone else (including those in monasteries abstaining), there are some things I would do to ensure that I continue having sex.  There are some dudes out there that may be upset when I reveal this secret that isn’t really such a secret.  The fact of the matter, is that ALL Men WILL PAY FOR SEX!!  We enjoy it that much.  We truly indulge in the opportunity of gettin’ some.  Yeah, I said it!!!

Now, before all the women in the world go off on me, and say things like, “My man wouldn’t do that,” or “You betta not be cheatin’ on my friend”, I’m saying men and more specifically, your man, will pay for sex, but the exchange of money is not quite what I’m talking about.  I mean, don’t get it twisted, there are some men out there that will actually pay cold hard cash for it.  I mean, go straight to the ATM to get the money, just to have sex.  Yeah…to them, it’s worth it, but that’s not what I mean when I say I’ll pay for it.  What I mean, is that I will pay for “services rendered”, just not in the conventional sense.  Sex is a beautiful thing and I will give all the time I have in the world for it.  It’s how, dare I say, some women get their bills paid, or that fancy new house, or ride.  What about that trip to Tiffany’s you made last month.  Since I’m married, it’s more about giving my time.  Getting me to do things around the house.  The risk for the reward, ya know.  I’m a man that is on a “reward” system.  I don’t just clean up, pay bills, wash clothes, vacuum, or clean the bathroom, just so that I can hang out with the wife.  I also do it for sex!!!  I think married men out there can agree with me.  I think men who aren’t married can agree with me.  It’s one of the four things that we actually care about in this world.  All else falls by the waste side.  And for a woman to give it up when her husband or boyfriend, is making sure she’s taken care of is just good common courtesy.  I always find it funny when women get upset when a man wants sex for something he’s done for them.

Message for you ladies:  I might love you, but that doesn’t mean that I’m doing this for that reason.  I come home every night, because I love you.  I don’t step out on you, because I love you.  I will wait a week or two without sex, because I love you.  But I certainly aint doing these chores because I love you.  I definitely aint cleaning this tub because I love you.  I’m doing it because if I clean up, and if I wash the clothes, or cook the food, you can’t use it as an excuse for not having sex.  Consider your energy conserved!!!  I WANT MY SEX!!! YOUR MAN WANTS HIS SEX!!! Give up the SEX ladies!!!

So in conclusion, remember, while your man wants to be with you, and next to you everyday.  It’s mostly because of the love he has for you.  I definitely don’t wanna sit here writing this out for you to read and think that we’re ALL about sex.  And in the same breath, I don’t want you ladies to think that we’re not about, or there for sex either.  After all, it’s one of the man’s four major “men’s health” groups.  Family, money, food, and SEX!!! (in no particular order).  Just trying to give you some knowledge to keep you in a loving relationship today!

More to come…


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