My Man Donald Sterling…Check the Tape!!


I can’t front…this subject is too hot not to talk about.  As you all know the past few days have been crazy in the NBA.  There’s been an owner named Donald Sterling that had a tape come out.  And this wasn’t a sex tape (thank God), but it was a tape of a man having a heated discussion with his mistress, and ultimately saying some things he probably had no business saying.  When I say probably, I mean, NO business.  Donald Sterling and his “girl-friend” or as I like to call her, “high priced ho” had a debate over whether or not she should be hanging out with other people in public.  Unfortunately for him, these people were minorities.  “So what?”, you say.  Agreed.  So what?  The thing is, somehow, mysteriously this conversation was recorded and then TMZ miraculously got their hands on it.  Apparently no one jumps on a story faster or has more sources than TMZ.  Anyway…the tape caught this “insightful” 10 minute conversation with this girl who isn’t exactly Jeopardy material herself.  Donald Sterling’s a racist, yada yada yah.  I’m sure you can figure out the rest.  Man says something stupid, loses his endorsements, and is promptly banned from the league and fined 2.5 million dollars.  Sounds just right?  Hold up, wait a minute…

So I’ve just been told, that this fool was court-side when the infamous talk happened.  Ouch…that hurts him.  Oh well.  But either way, we’re still talking about this…

The thing we really need to think about in this situation with Donald Sterling, is this man’s privacy.  Shouldn’t we all be able to talk to our mistresses without being in fear of our conversations being recorded for the world to hear?  I’d like to think so.  Now yes, Sterling is an idiot, and an @$$ to a large degree, but why is anyone even surprised that this has happened given this man’s history.  We really need to check the tape on this man.  He’s been here before.  This is the same man that faced a law-suit for discriminating against Blacks and Hispanics from renting his property.  This is the same man, whose had other run-ins with racism before.  He has a history of being stupid, and has always been stupid.  Now, should a man lose his team over stupidity?  Some would say yes, and at this point it appears that it may in fact turn out that way.  

The reason I’m not surprised is because I know that racism is still out there.  It might be undercover, but it is still there.  We see it everyday, despite what most might think.  Do you think DS is the first owner to be racist?  To think of blacks as just the help?  Do you think that he will be the last owner to dislike minorities?  People ask, how can you own a team with blacks and still be racist.  The answer is EASY…why?  Because it’s just like owning slaves.  Difference is, I only have to give them a little bit of what I earn yearly.  They make money for me, and in-turn, I give them a small taste what they think is wealth.  This plan has worked brilliantly for over 60 years.  What makes this day and age so different?  He even got the NAACP to give him an award for his life’s work.  Go figure. 

Now, let’s take a minute to talk about this chick he’s with.  If you’ve heard the whole conversation, it didn’t sound like at the end of the conversation she was leaving him.  I think I have more of an issue with her than I do him.  I say that because, if she knows this about him, being of African American/Mexican descent, why would she be with such a man.  Maybe it’s the fact that she can go to games, or hang out with athletes.  Maybe she didn’t wanna give up her lifestyle.  Is anyone asking that question?  Oh yeah…it’s none of our business.  And I guess you can’t turn a ho into a housewife either.  I wouldn’t normally trash her, but again, let’s check the tape.  1. This man is married.  2.  He’s like 80.  3.  He doesn’t like black people.  4.  You’re half black  5.  HE’S LIKE 80!!!  I mean, you can date whomever you want, but let’s be real for a second:  She’s probably not dating him for his personality or his striking good looks.  The fact of the matter is, the team is worth close to over 600 million.  He’s a balla…straight balla…

Overall, it’s not our business to know DS’s opinion on black folks either.  Who cares.  I made a comment on Facebook today that said, “What if every racist was fined 2.5 million dollars and banned for their ignorance? Would that fix things in this country? In this world?”  I truly wanna know the answer to that. Because I’m inclined to believe it doesn’t change anything.  A friend of mine said, you can’t change a man’s ideology, but you can change his habits.  That’s true, I’m sure DS will probably not be speaking out like that in public again, nor will his so-called friends who all have seemed to distance themselves from him.  Well…at least not anytime soon.  We’ll see what happens from here.  Until then. To My Man Donald Sterling…(in my worst singing voice..) “Happy Trails to you…Until We Meet again!!!!!!


More to come…


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