I Just Can’t Stop Cussin’

You know it’s a new year, and every year we come up with resolutions on the things that we’d like to change.  Well this year, I’ve come decided that I wanna stop Cursing.  Yeah, that’s one that we all come up with from year to year.  And while most who know me, know that I don’t normally cuss.  I do in fact have a lot to say in my mind.  Trust me when I tell you, last year, I cursed a lot of people out.  I’ve said things like the “B” word, and “MF” word, and all kinds of crazy things to people without them even knowing it.  I’ve been trying to control it, but honestly I just haven’t been able to.  

For all those out there that are married, you probably curse at your spouse from time to time.  So you can probably relate to this.  Have you ever had a time when your spouse has said something to you and you said:  “B@#% you betta get out my face right now!!!”  (Enter the key and peel reference here)  Now granted, I’m married to a black woman so you know I didn’t say that out loud.  Other times I’ve wanted to say:  “Shut the F$%$% up!!!”  Because she was just saying stuff that was really getting on my nerves.  That’s what happens when you’re married, you tend to get on each other’s last nerve, as if the nerve they are currently on always seems to be the last one you have…

Look, I’ve been married for 5 years and it seems like it isn’t getting any easier.  I mean it’s the fight for two personalities to be like minded.  That is something that you strive for but may never achieve.  I mean you can accomplish it on some level but probably never to a place where you’ll be completely satisfied.  It’s just me talking.  It’s a give and take situation, I’d say.  Granted, I’m not without fault in any of this.  I’m a man, and believe me when I say that men say and do stupid things.  For example, I remember asking when the baby’s next doctor appointment was.  Now for those of you who don’t know me, I have the distinct honor of a.)stating the obvious, and 2.) asking the same questions OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!  So of course she tells me the answer with an attitude, but she was probably thinking something like this:

“Look m#%# F#$%#$#, I don’ told you a six times already, her appointment is such and such day!!”  Okay, she didn’t have to say it like that is what I’m thinking. But then again we’ve all been given that look a few times.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that there are going to be many people who get on my nerves this year, and some of you are going to deserve a few choice words.  Like a receptionist that tends to be rude as F$$*)%% to that friend I think about punching in the face!!  Just know that God is still working on me, and hopefully this will be the year that I stop cursing you out in my head.

More to come…


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What I write about is life...The way it changes and affects me every day. Love, heartache, and Mystery in relationships.

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