My FAITH, Keeps Me from Jumping All Over You Right Now!!

So it’s Christmas time again, and this is something that comes up every year, but this is actually my first year with a blog so I thought I’d say something.  this is not necessarily about Christmas, I’m sure I’ll tie it all in somehow.  

This season is described to be about giving, and loving others, and the golden rule, yada yada yah…and with all that, we seem to see and get some of the worst out of people.  This goes for Christians and non Christians alike.  People act a their worst and at times can give you a true test of your own personal self control.  People have removed God from Christmas, when the day comes every year, and has been that way for a while now.  For those of you spelling bee champs out there, let’s take the word apart for what it is.  Christ which is derived from man Jesus Christ.  Hmmm…that seems like a good reason for Christmas, don’t you think.  You have people out there wish you a Happy Holidays, when if saying actually meant anything we’d say it all year wrong.  After all, doesn’t every month except for maybe one have a holiday in it?  Nobody says happy holidays for the 4th of July, do they?  Really, stop trying to take God out of everything, it just simply can’t be done, so don’t exhaust yourself.  I think the Lord earned this one, okay!!  Anyway, that’s not what I’m here to say, so I’ll just get to it.

Many people question what a true Christian is. I can’t even lie, sometimes I do as well.  I understand why they question it because many Christians tend to act like they have all the answers.  They believe that they, in addition to God, are the alpha and omega (the beginning and the end).  They think they know better than most, when truth be told, they actually don’t know enough.  That’s why the people I like to be associated with are what I like to think of as “True Christians”.  True Christians have a type of understanding that makes them accessible.  When I say that, I mean, not so “high and mighty”. So heavenly minded, that they are no earthly good.  True Christians know that when it comes to it, there is that which will always remain true:  by nature, we are all just human. They understand that they are flawed, but the key in knowing that is having the wisdom and knowledge that they also have a redeemer for those flaws in Christ Jesus. They have to live in this world everyday and deal with the same things that other believers and nonbelievers alike must deal with.

I think that’s the misconception that most have about Christians. That’s probably because some of us act as if we’ve made it to heaven already. We act like we are on the mountain top like Moses was and God is ready to hand us the keys to the Promise Land. Nah…it’s not like that on a daily basis for real. Some will argue against this, but when you believe, you have to love others that much more. You have to try that much harder to be cool in heated situations. We can’t act a fool because we have to die to our flesh daily. That’s why we make it seem like things can’t or won’t bother us. Because the real Christians are working on themselves every moment of every day. So hard, that we almost don’t have the time to be bothered by some of those little things.  Don’t get me wrong, again I say we’re not perfect, so some of those “lil things” do make it through the cracks.  

For those of you that don’t know God, or just don’t believe, I’m here to inform you.  We don’t have all the answers.  If you think it’s easy, think again. Preaching the gospel and spreading the word of God through us and our lifestyle is no easy task. Hence, why the apostles and disciples of Jesus were all or mostly martyred. They were killed for what they believe yet people want Christians to be tolerant!? That point is almost laughable. No other group of people have been persecuted more for what they believe, with maybe the exception of the Jews.  Society wants the church to bless America only, when they are more people around the world.  They want to pray when something happens, but a year later, they forget all about God.  Yet, they want God to end wars, stop world hunger, and give everyone a lump some of money (through the lottery of course).  Yes, I have to love you. But I don’t have to like you. Yes, I have to pray for you, but I don’t have to stay around you while you torment us, or ridicule us for what we’ve been taught and/or believe.  

I’d like to put out there that there will be non believers who will treat all with respect and I’m not talking about them with this. But for the people who talk trash to me, that wanna make fun of my Word. That wanna say my God isn’t real and that Jesus isn’t Lord. Just know this: Jesus’ birth is the reason we give gifts for Christmas (Bout to get all Christian Scholar on y’all)  You see, when Jesus was born the men brought Him gifts in honor of the birth of the coming King.  He’s the reason I’m a good guy and don’t wish ill of you. He keeps me morally grounded and convicts me when I’m wrong. He makes me turn the other cheek if you slap me in the face. He is everything to us “real” Christians.

So when you decide that you wanna say something about the way I was raised, or spit directly in my face…KNOW THIS:

My belief system and faith in God, is what keeps me from jumping all over you right now!

More to come and Merry Christmas…


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