So you’re an Atheist…So What!!?

The other day, I was getting ready for bed, when a commercial came on.  The commercial was for a site called (I know right!!).  That’s really a site, I know.  I almost couldn’t believe it, so I just had to explore it.  When going to the site, it actually redirects to a site called (I know again…a site like this actually exist).  At first glance, I thought to myself, you can’t be serious.  Why in the world would someone put a site out there like this.  And then upon looking at it again, I figured that I shouldn’t be so judgmental.  It’s just a website/support group for people who don’t believe in a “higher power” or God. I said to myself there are a lot of people that don’t believe and if they don’t that’s ultimately their prerogative.

While that’s true, I did think that it was a little much to put it out there as if it really meant something.  You’d be surprised though, it’s almost as if it’s some type of support group.  At first glance I saw a bunch of white folks in pictures, and then I saw a picture with one black guy.  I tried to play it off as if he was Hispanic or Asian or something like that, but nope…it was a black guy.  Then I actually found a site called, and realized that there are actually a lot of black people that don’t believe, and truth be told, that was a bit surprising.  Either way though, if it’s a support site, for people who want or need it, then that’s just what it is.

As a black man, I can tell you that religion is deeply rooted in black culture.  I mean it goes as far back as slavery times and forward.  Even before in Africa, blacks have always been known to have some type of religion. Just a bit of history for those that wanna know.  Let me make sure that I state that I do believe in God, and this blog isn’t about me defending what I believe.  I honestly feel that what I believe speaks for itself in my daily life.  That’s just what it is.  I do, however, want to speak to those who are atheist.  Those who claim to believe in nothing.  Those that believe that there is nothing but us, who determines what happens in our lives.  I could get into an argument about it, but truth to be told, what you believe is what you believe.  While I do believe that we have free will to do and think what we please.  I do believe that God is that deity that is out there watching over us, and protecting us from harm, guiding our paths, and giving us a source of strength to get through the hardships of life.  Some might say my favorite thing, “why would a God allow babies to be raped and killed and wars to happen??…”  I think that anyone can find justification in their own version of faith, if they try hard enough, but in my opinion, there are a lot of things that are supposed to remain unexplained.  The man that has all the answers has nothing to aspire to…I’ll leave it at that.

So here goes…to my atheists out there…You’re an Atheist…So What!!!??  You want a cookie!!??  I’m a Christian…So What!!? (Don’t get mad at me saints…)  I just mean that ultimately we believe in something different when it’s all said and done.  We basically disagree on what happens after we die.  I believe I’m going to heaven, and that there is a such thing as hell, and atheist believe that after life, that’s it.  And that’s fine for them.  Nobody cares that you’re an atheist, but atheist sure care about me believing in God it seems.  And this is my one issue with the atheist belief system:  Atheists seem to go out of their way to prove that there’s nothing there and make fun of Christianity.  The truth is, you are almost as religious, if not more than most “super-Christians”.  Billy Graham doesn’t have the conviction that atheists have.  And to be truthful that’s fine.  I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on the subject.  And I’m honestly perfectly okay with that as evangelism was never my strong suit.  I do believe that’s it’s funny how the people who don’t believe are always out to disprove what so many people around the world believe.  Also trying to say that things that were actually taken into account historically, aren’t true. Just like you’d say to us, “Were you there?”  The answer is no, you weren’t…well…unless, you have a star-ship named Enterprise that can travel around the sun, and go back in time, but I don’t think they’d take kindly to a big spaceship back then (Yes I’m a Trekkie)

Overall, when it comes down to it.  We’re just people, and we all have something that we believe strongly within ourselves.  And most of us should be okay with that.  I believe and love the Lord…you don’t.  Some believe in Buddha, or Isis, or Zeus, that’s just the way it is.  I’m not here to tell you that you should think what I think, or deal with issues of life the way I do.  Bottom line:  we shouldn’t judge someone off of what they believe when ultimately, when we get to know them, we’ll have plenty of other things to be judgmental about.  I’m just sayin…Let’s just take a second to get along, and make the world better.  It will all come out in the wash…trust me, when we die, we’ll have all the time in the world to figure out the answers.

More to come…


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5 responses to “So you’re an Atheist…So What!!?”

  1. Mertavius says :

    very well said, I see you can look past the atheists propensity for being able to make their position look cool and intelligent

  2. Atomic Mutant says :

    Honestly, if everything was fair and good, atheists wouldn’t need to speak up, pay for ads, etc. If atheism was simply another choice and all people respected other people’s choices, everything would be shiny. But it isn’t.

    There are many problems for people who become atheists. Some feel guilt, because they have been taught all their lives that they can only be good with god. Others have to face families who don’t respect their choices. There may be friends and spouses involved who may not respect their choices. etc.etc.

    So some ads, like the one you noticed, are meant to reach out to those people, to give them hope, to show them, that they are not alone and to give them a place where they can get help, by talking to people who had similar experiences. Do you really think this is a bad thing? That this should stop, because everything is fine? We are a long way from “Everything is fine”.

    If Christianity was just a personal choice, something, that is done privately and in churches, atheists probably wouldn’t feel the need to speak up. But there are too many people who try to force their particular version of their religion into the law. They try to force their rules onto other people. For example, if you don’t want to have gay sex because you think it’s a sin, that’s totally fine. Have (no) fun. But as soon as you try to harass others into feeling bad about it, you are approaching a line – and as soon as you try to force people into not doing it, you have stepped over that line. And this is, why atheists speak up: Religion still has too many privileges. As soon as religion is what it is supposed to be – a personal choice, that everyone can make as he wants – discussions between atheists and Christians will be mainly academic, a philosophical exercise, but nothing pressing.

    • jaisynaustin says :

      Very well said. It’s a cold world out there. That’s why a conversation between groups of different ethnicities and beliefs is long over due. I wrote this because I don’t care who you are. I’m saying there are good and bad people in every race, culture, and religion. That’s life and we are here. Like I said. We can agree to disagree. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be cool despite our differences. That where a lot of Christians get it wrong. It’s all about the loving others the same as you love yourself. Trading everyone with respect. I said that at first I didn’t understand, but I guess everyone is entitles to their own support. I expressed my opinion and I’m glad you have expressed yours.

  3. stillgatheringmythoughts says :

    You stated at the end, “I’m just sayin…Let’s just take a second to get along, and make the world better.” As an atheist, I can say I completely agree. I am not one of these who ram atheism down anyone’s throat. However, you claim to be a black man. Minorities in America are some of the most segregated people in the country. All the causes aside, you should understand why a small group in America would want a place to converse with like-minded individuals…(I am referring to your criticism of the atheist website). I lost my faith this past summer having been a Christian from the age of 14-26. I am not here to sway your belief, but you have to understand why atheists speak up is because believers influence so many things around us. From our money to our pledge, we have references of God. None references of God were added to either before the 1950s for good reason. The USA is supposed to separate church and state, and until we achieve that again in this country, I fear we will continue to fall behind the progress of other more secular countries.

    • jaisynaustin says :

      I understand that everyone is entitled to their own belief system and that both sides have extremes. I speak from my own point of view of course, but definitely hear what you are saying. I too have been through tough times with the church. I didn’t leave the church but I definitely understand why some would. I don’t want to be the one to condemn people for what they believe. That’s not my fight nor is it my mission. I’m not the Christian to push my God down people’s throat. I just wanna be kind and courteous to all. We are all people and we must all coexist. And yes, black people are great at segregation. But we, had a lot of practice historically. Either way, it’s about living the best life you can regardless of what your faith and how you treat others.

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