Black People are too D@MN sensitive!!!

I’m not gonna lie…I might piss some people off with this…

But my title says it all.  Black people, black folks, African-Americans (however we are classified today), are really starting to get a little more sensitive than we should be with things.  And this is coming from a black man, who is pretty secure, and fairly knowledgeable in what has happened to black people historically.  And with that, I mean in terms of  slavery, apartheid, civil rights, etc.  White folks have caught hell for doing so many things, believe it or not, some of which they aren’t SOLELY responsible for.

I guess I’ll just come at this from two angles:  The first of which being, “REALLY?  LEAVE THEM ALONE, IT WAS A JOKE”.  The second being, “YOU CAN’T be SERIOUS IN THINKING THAT’S NOT RACIST!!”


Alright black people, it’s time for some truth here:  Leave Julianne Hough alone.  She’s catching so much flak off of her costume as “Crazy Eyes” from the show Orange Is the New Black!!  She apparently dresses up with brown face paint and her hair looking all kinds of crazy, with a name tag that had the picture of the character off the show.  To me she looked funny.  I just finished reading an article from the Huffington Post, ( basically stating that people would’ve known who she was even if she hadn’t worn the makeup.    Com’on black folks…You know that’s not true!!  For real, everybody, hold all your calls to the NAACP, and don’t riot on this one.  It’s Halloween for goodness sake.  This is clearly not an example of her making a statement about how she feels about black people.  Don’t get me wrong, every white alive should know not to dress up as a black person simply off the fact that my race has been through soooooooooooo many things at the hands of white folks (sorry white people).  But at the same time, not every person we meet or see on tv is out to make black people look like a buffoon.  She was emulating a character on a show that a lot of us watch.  If you’ve ever seen the show, we all know that Crazy Eyes is crazy.  She’s also black.  She’s a actress who chose to play that character, knowing that people may ultimately think she was funny and want to make light of that.  She (Julianne Hough) said sorry, let’s get over it and stop being so sensitive.  She’s not without forgiveness.  She doesn’t have a history of racism, but when we as black people see her now, we’re obviously going to see Paula Deen, DON IMUS, or Rush Limbaugh.  For REAL!!!  Let’s not forget that people like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, and Martin Lawrence have all done skits where they’ve dressed as a white man.  And we all laugh and think it’s completely hilarious, but not racist, because let’s face it:  It’s much funnier to be a white man than a black man, right?!


The next thing I wanna say is to everyone!! Racism is real, it exists, and there are a lot of white folks, and other races that make fun of the wrong things.  POINT BLANK!!!  If any knows the history of black face, you will understand what I’m saying.  Black-face came about when acting in shows, blacks were not allowed to be there, and therefore a white decided to put black face paint on and act like as if they were slaves or Mammy or something else that was completely offensive.  Then when we were allowed to be in plays and things of that nature, they made us, (black people) wear that same black face paint to accentuate our color to say that was how white people viewed us…That SH@#T pisses not only me, but other black people off.


Understand that this picture I inserted is the very reason why no white person can EVER wear dark face-paint or makeup.  It’s the reason why black people are so sensitive to things of a racial nature.  Just like, when people see us talk a certain way, or like we’re not educated, or as if we’re gonna rob you just for looking at us, it’s just that.  There are PEOPLE OF EVERY RACE, COLOR, AND CREED, that can and will take things too far.  And This picture is un-called for, and COMPLETELY RACIST!!!  An apology for something like this, is definitely not acceptable.  There’s no going back from a picture like that.  That’s why it’s so tough to trust white people or to think that they have our best interest at heart.

Let me just talk for a minute and be honest.  I have plenty of white friends, and they have black friends, and friends of other races.  I don’t look to them as if they are racist or anything.  I am however, aware of the fact that they don’t always have the filter necessary when dealing with certain black people.  On the other hand, I know some black people who go too far out of their way to point out that white folks are racist and have every intention of stabbing us in the back their first chance.   To those people I’d say, “Get over it!  Because there are plenty of black people who will stab you in the front, just to get ahead, because that’s what they believe they are supposed to do.  It’s the “Crab Mentality.” I will say this to blacks as well.  Stop being so sensitive.  A lot of white folks could care less about race.  The only way we can begin to live in some type of harmony with other races is to embrace our differences and laugh at each other, because all of us do silly things, and things that will require forgiveness.   Don’t take what I’m saying wrong, because that day obviously is a ways off, and white people do, in fact, need to address those groups of individuals that have a serious problem with blacks.  Unfortunately history has shown far too many examples of whites treating blacks like second class citizens.  They don’t have a problem with us winning the Superbowl for them, but they do have a problem with us Running a Country that they’ve run for over 200 years.  That’s obviously another story for another day.  That’s just how I see it!!!

More to come…


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2 responses to “Black People are too D@MN sensitive!!!”

  1. Chanel Jones Humphrey says :

    Very well said Jason.

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