Ah man…what can I say? What hasn’t already been said about the case where George Zimmerman was acquitted of a murder charge. I know what I can say….who cares….Zimmerman going to jail most likely wouldn’t have changed the racial dynamic of this country. Black folks will still believe that they’ve been wronged by the United States collectively. White folks will still say that black people are niggers and need to stop complaining because racism is dead. It’s better for you than it was for your parents 30 years ago, and 30 years from now, It will be better for your daughter.

Honestly, the best way to solve the issue is to admit that it still exists on both sides.  I’m not saying that it would have saved Trayvon’s life, because most likely it would not have. I’m saying that we all need to start taking responsibility for what has happened and what will happen. White folks, I’ll start with you. First and foremost Good Job on defending George. He got off and rightfully so according to the evidence presented. Secondly, saying that racism still exist is not a bad thing. I have friends who are white who think that the word nigger is still warranted.  They see black people who commit crimes, that just so happen to come from poverty and call them just that…nigger.  That’s who they believe we are.  They assume that most black people come from the hood or were raised up with nothing, causing us to rob and steal.  And they actually might be right about it because black people in general have bought into the idea.  It’s like we were sold something that was said to be so great, even though it actually did nothing for us, and we took the bait.  Saying all that doesn’t mean that the word “nigger” should be used or that people should think of us in that manner.  It’s almost difficult to think about white folks or blame them because they’ve been this way since the beginning of time. They’ve always wanted to poke their nose in other people’s business. They dislike every race but their own (and even their own at times). So who can blame them for what’s been passed down from generation to generation….


Now black people, or Niggas, it’s your turn. First and foremost, how can you blame white folks, Asian folks, or anyone else for using the word when we use it oh so well. Is it a term that invokes power in the individual that uses it? Sounds like it’s some magic sword like Excalibur or something like that. Do we look like a bunch of King Arthur’s men or anything of the sort. No. We have to learn some responsibility for all of this. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t still say it. It’s like a gay person using the word “faggot” as a term of endearment. It’s dumb and it’s wrong. It was never meant for anything except hatred. And to me that’s what it invokes. Back to the responsibility portion of the program. Black people, stop acting like “niggas”. Stop giving it power over us. We rob, and steal from one another, bring each other down with the so-called “crab mentality”, all with the precursor that we are doing it because we have no choice. I’ll bet the cats sitting in jail for 10+ years is thinking the opposite right now. He’s thinking he had a choice and he should have made that choice rather than sit in that jail cell like he’s doing currently.

Pat Buchanan wrote an article after the verdict that said the issue with black people isn’t racism, it’s that we commit most of the crimes out there. And he’s partially right. We do commit a lot of the criminal activity out there. Mainly against each other. My issue with this fool Pay Buchanan is that he can’t and will never understand the black experience. He’s not coming from the view of black folks. He’s coming from his own self righteous point of view that’s not God inspired. He just likes hearing himself talk. But I will say this, they can’t talk about us like that if we stop doing what they say we’re doing. What history says we are doing.

Black folks. If you’re still angry and upset about the trial and verdict, that’s cool. You should be. The prosecution messed up. They didn’t go after Zimmerman’s intent for something to happen. That’s where all the evidence was. The prosecution also allowed the defense to defame that young man’s character. They played hard off of his mistakes as a young black kid, and it worked. They believed he was enough of a troublemaker to warrant what happened to him. Like he brought upon himself. It was wrong. It was so wrong, but black people, we didn’t lose. His parents did truth be told. They lost their son, whom they can never have back. And it’s truly a sad story.  And we should me more concerned with keeping our children safe, than we should be the racial aspect of it.  But there are times when the two seem to go hand and hand

My belief in God tells me that when someone dies, it’s not about the person who died as much as it is about those left behind, and what they do with the news of the death. Are we going to be silly and riot like they did after the verdict on the streets of Oakland? ‘Cause yeah, that solved so much. Or are we going to go about making the changes in our own communities to prevent the perception that all of us are about that nonsense? That makes a whole woman clutch her purse because of what she saw on TV the night before. Black people can do their due diligence by not making movies where they are the thug or gangsta. By not being depicted as the local crack dealer in his own neighborhood, who cares nothing about his/her people. By being shown more a father who stays home on a Saturday night to spend time with his children. This is the part the white folks don’t know. The good black man or woman sans attitudes or weave or however you see us, is the true mainstream of black. We are not all we are perceived to be. In fact 8 out of 10 black people agree that all we want is a fair opportunity to be law abiding and good citizens. That’s what we care about. Our home, our families, and our children.


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