The Soundtrack of my Life


It’s said to be the soundtrack of life. I honestly believe that exactly what it is. It’s the way we describe ourselves. The way we show emotion when we can’t say it. Or its that tune that comes on the radio that says exactly what we are feeling at that very moment. I can’t lie. I love music. And listening to it. There’s nothing like it.

For me, my catalog consists of anything from gospel music to represent my more spiritual side. To Hip Hop, for the more edgy side of me that wants to hear the boom and the bass coming from the speakers. I think the side that truly speaks to my heart is the R&B side of music. It’s the side that I can relate to when I wanna get with someone. When I want to be sad about something, or just plain romanticize about something.

Today’s music is a bit out of walk for me, but I’d say there are a few goto’s out there for me. I’m mostly a 90s man. The songs I listen to mostly, the songs I’ve written all have an influence from that era. Even the poems I write sound like a 90s song. It’s just who I am. I’ve always wanted to be the most romantic cat of all the people I know. I just wanted people to know that Jo matter what, love was on my mind. 

Just today I was listening to Drake, J. Timberlake, and Xscape of all groups. Told you, I love music, and hood music at that. It represents me even at this moment. I’m thinking of Johnny Kemp, “Just Got Paid” cause I can’t wait till payday tomorrow. Hahaha. That’s where I’m at with mine. Later on I’ll probably be thinking bout some Boyz II Men or some Freaking You by Jodeci. Okay. Maybe that was a little too much. You catch my drift. Music will always be an important part of life. It shows us a different way to get our points across and tell each other how we feel.


About jaisynaustin

What I write about is life...The way it changes and affects me every day. Love, heartache, and Mystery in relationships.

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