Just Talk to Me

So here’s the thing

I have a thing about me, where I like to be talked to.  I like for people to communicate with me and let me know what’s going on in their life.  I would say that it’s more of a reciprication thing for me.  So I don’t necessarily understand not being spoken to.  I don’t always understand when someone is quiet or withdrawn, even though I can be the same.  So I immediately jump to the conclusion that there’s something wrong.  And maybe there is.  Maybe I spend so much time trying to read people rather than actually communicating with them.  Maybe it’s that I just don’t ask enough direct questions.  But Like I said, here’s the thing…You don’t have to be THAT MUCH of a mystery.  All you have to do is say is that you don’t wanna answer the question. 

Okay, Okay…I’m new to this blogging thing, and maybe I shouldn’t be that vocal about things.  Mysterious people are only cool to a certain extent.  At some point it just becomes frustrating.  Do me a favor mysterious people.  Be mysterious when nobody’s talking to you!  That way, it will work out for you and everybody else.  WOOSAH!!!  Maaaaannn that’s so frustrating.  It gets on my nerves a little.  I like to explore and find out things just as much as anybody, but if you can’t answer a question like, “How was your day?”, “Do you want to be with me?” “What type of stuff do you like?”  Really?  We don’t need to be talking then.  I’m just saying…

My bad…this was a bit of a rant…but I’m just getting some things off my mind, as I occassionally will.

More to come…


About jaisynaustin

What I write about is life...The way it changes and affects me every day. Love, heartache, and Mystery in relationships.

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